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    What External Services Do You Use, and on What?

    Vanya Tucherov

      Hello everyone!


      As part of the team working on external services and how they integrate with Tableau, we recently realized that we don't have any real empirical data on how those of you who use External Services with Tableau Desktop and Server do.


      With the acknowledgement that we'll introduce self-selection bias into the data, though, it'd have some value to us to have a rough idea of how many people are using External Services and on what platforms. So, without further ado...

      Do you

      • use TabPy
      • use RServe
      • connect to MatLab


      Does your external service server

      • run from a Windows local host
      • or a Mac one
      • or do you connect to an external machine
        • and if so, what OS runs it?


      If you're a TabPy user:

      • What version of Python are you using?
      • Do you or your organization use this particular version of Python because of a dependency on one or more packages which don't play nicely with other Python versions?


      And finally:

      • How interested in SSL/TLS secured connections from Tableau Desktop and Server to your external service of choice are you?


      Thanks in advance! Having some ideas of how things we're contemplating might have an impact on you will help us better understand and design with a high-level idea of your use scenarios in mind.

      -Vanya (on behalf of the team working on External Services)