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    Month over Month Percentage change with single segmented dimension

    Bill W

      Afternoon Tableau Friends,


      FYI - I am using Tableau 2018.1.5 please advise.


      I am trying to create a month over month percentage change for amounts by year / month and team.


      I've tried a few different options:


      First, utilizing the percentage difference function built in then putting it at the month level... Which it gets close to my expected answer however I missing the other values - Team J and Yeam Y Values in November 2018, and for some reason Team B has a value which doesn't make sense. Also, Team S is way off for Jan 2019 showing 34,918% when it should be -15.33% (6303-7444) / 7444


      Second, tried - zn(sum([Amount]) - lookup(zn(sum([Amount])),-1) / abs(lookup(zn(sum([Amount])),-1))) - However this did not work either.


      Any help would be much appreciated.