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    Dashboard Action: Dual filter with indirect reference




      I ran into the following challenge:


      • Data in 3 columns: ID, Name, and value
      • Aggregation possible on ID and/or Name



      • Use dashboard to select values on aggregation by Name
      • Show all lines (aggregated by ID), with IDs that appear together with the selected Name (easy)
      • Show all lines (aggregation), in which above Names appear, independent of ID (no solution so far)


      So the steps are:

      Select Name -> find all associated IDs -> find all Name fields associated with those IDs and show them all.


      My first idea was to use an action and use "Selected Fields" ID on the first panel, but that will obviously throw a "Missing Field" error. When adding the "ID" in Panel 1 to the details, the panel does not show the correct aggregation anymore.


      Attached is a file that should demonstrate this.


      Thanks a lot!

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          Matt Lutton

          I believe you can fix your problem by including ID in the view, and using something like


          {FIXED [Name]: AVG(Value)}


          This will allow you to aggregate up to the Name level, while still retaining the ID in the source view, so you can pass it as a filter to the subsequent views.


          Hope this helps - you may have to live with displaying the value more than once (see screenshot), but it should help out:


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