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    Dynamic filter selection

    Unmesh Panigrahy

      I have a situation - let's take example of sample superstore data. I have created a pie chart on sub-category based on SUM(Sales). I have a filter on category (radio button).

      Now, the filter works as usual, if I select Furniture, the pie chart reflects related sub-categories. But when I select "All" from the filter, I want the pie chart to be broken down by all three Categories and not by Sub-categories..


      Thank you.


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          Richard Bout


          One solution would be to create an list parameter so that you can select which dimension you would like to see in your chart.

          Then you will want to create a calculated field so that the parameter filters which dimension you would like to look at.

          Then, drag your calculated field to the columns and sales to rows. Select the pie-chart option on the "Show Me" tab in to upper right corner and then right click on your parameter and select "Show Parameter Control". Lastly, select any of the categories using the parameter and you will see the all the subcategories within it as well as a null value. Right click on this null value and hit "Exclude" and you will filter out all null values. The filter should looks something like this.


          I've attached a workbook using the 'Sample - Superstore' data set. Downloading it and taking a look might help clarify things.

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            Unmesh Panigrahy

            That is partially right. But one problem in the parameter filter is that I won't be able to show the values of category and that is something I don't want and I don't want a second filter. Is it doable?

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              Richard Bout

              Hi Unmesh. I've edited my post with a new solution so that you will only need the parameter to filter.

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                Unmesh Panigrahy

                Hi Richard,

                Thank you for your willingness to help. No doubt this will work, but my concern is, let's say another category gets added to the list, in that case the parameter will not show us that value. How to make sure the category list is dynamically selected and shown the user? Any thoughts?