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    List of Sheet Dependencies

    James Frick

      I am new to Tableau.  I have inherited a very complex workbook with 16 dashboards and a large amount of sheets.  Our version is 2018.1.7.


      Most of our users only need, want, and will use 2 or 3 of the dashboards, so I have been charged with slimming down the workbook.


      The challenge is determining which sheets I don't need and then deleting them.  I have found where a dashboard lists the sheets it needs.  Is there a way to look at a sheet and tell which dashboards it is used in?


      Or do I just need to list the dashboards I want to keep, list their sheets, and delete the rest, both dashboards and sheets?  I noticed when I did a test, on a copy of the workbook of course, that when I delete a dashboard Tableau asks about deleting sheets used only by that dashboard.  Is what I want to do as simple as delete all of the dashboards I don't want, and that process will delete all of the sheets I don't need?


      Is there a command to document the structure of a workbook? Or is this something that is done manually?


      Thanks for any thoughts on inheriting and working with an existing, complex workbook.



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          Jeevan Krishna

          Hi James,


          In case there are any sheets which are used in multiple dashboards, you can actually delete all the dashboards that you dont need and the sheets will not get deleted from the dashboards that you need for future use.


          I am certain your understanding is correct about how things work out.Go ahead and test on a copy.



          Hope this helps

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