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    Total Values incorrect

    Geneth McAlister



      I know this is an age old question but I have not come across an answer that work for me. I have 2 data sources, a Tableau Data Source on our server and an Excel file. I am using a blended link between the 2. The Excel file has the codes that qualify for a discount. I multiply the Sales by the discount in the Excel file to get the Amount and then divide it again to get the Unit Value.

      As we can see, not all codes qualify for a discount. The calculations work perfectly on a granular level, however when rolled up to the total, the Unit value is incorrect because Tableau is applying the same calculation at the Grand Total level.

      This I understand. However, I need to know how to fix it rather urgently


      If I do this calculation in Excel, the Amount comes to 84 020 which makes the weighted average Unit Value 0.3 not 570.