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    Community keeps loading

    Xiaoxu Liu

      When I start a discussion or reply, the site keeps loading, it really frustrated me. Frustrating scenario below with screenshot. it takes long time to load.  anyone has the same problem with me ? how to avoid long time loading

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          Mahfooj Khan



          It happens often with me also. Usually what I used to do in such cases


          • Refresh (F5) the browser page and try
          • Logout and SignIn again.


          It works for me. I have observed this happens when we kept the browser idle for few minutes.


          Let us know if this works for you.



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            Xiaoxu Liu

            Hi Mahfooj,

            I keeps refreshing, it does not work immediately, it could work after waiting, so all I have to do is waiting.

            I have submitted a case on Support, but there is no reply. Tableau Community is very important as well as Tableau product, users need to exchange discussion and ask for help on Community , it is important too, but seems like Tableau team does not pay much attention to Community, it is sad.

            • 3. Re: Community keeps loading
              Mahfooj Khan

              Its not like that we need to understand the impact of network traffic on this site. Thousands of users used to hit at a time on this site so sometimes it respond with lag. Though whenever any patch update or down time schedule happens in forum they used to issue a circular at home screen of this site. I have seen few instances like that. As you've already raise a ticket then wait for their reply. Let see what they suggest