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    Unique Rank Top 3

    Diogo Braga

      The goal is to rank questions by the distinct count of most reds then show the top 3.


      So, I created this calculation:


      Rank Most Red Flag (School):

      if [CF Flag] = 'Red Flag' then [School Code + Building] END




      Then filtered question by field 'Rank Most Red Flag (School)' distinct count top 3:




      But instead of getting the top 3...I got the top 2 and a random question on 3rd.




      So, now I am trying a different approach by creating a unique rank calculation:


      RANK_UNIQUE(COUNTD([Rank Most Red Flag (School)]),'desc')




      But the flags (green, red, gray) get separated.


      How do I fix this? What is the best to show the top 3 questions?