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    EIR-accessibility and Tableau Reader

    katherine burns

      I learned that, in my organization at least, that Tableau Reader does not work with our accessibility software, so I no longer have this question! Our accessibility team just did a quick check this morning.




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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Katherine,


          Upfront confession I had to google what EIR Accessible is - over here in Australia we call it WCAG and I think in the rest of the states its called VPAT, but I think I get the general gist of where they are going with it.


          My reading of EIR Accessibility is that you can still provide the visualisations, you just have to provide an alternative data source or means of finding out the same information (aka electronic information and services through multiple ways). This shouldn't be considered a prohibition on using maps, you just need to maybe provide a table that contains a geographic column of the same information for example.


          In the case of Tableau Reader, I would consider EIR Accessibility to be the inclusion of an excel spreadsheet with the raw data in it. Obviously this is just an example, you could go nuts and send .pdf attachments, create .csv extracts, release infographics etc etc the list goes on.