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    Calculations in Tableau as if it were Excel

    Diego Jaramillo

      Hello everybody


      I hope you are well.


      I am trying to do this Excel table in Tableau, but I have some problems with some operations. (Green Color). First I would like to know if it's possible to do this in Tableau, or I have to fix something else the database in order to have this results.


      Some Additional question:

      1) Can I merge Cells in Tableau? (i.e cells results (e) and (f) in one cell.

      2) Can I multiply, divide, sum or subtract and show results in just one cell, like cell (o)?


      I would appreciate very much any help that you can extend to me to figure out this issue-


      I am attaching the Tableau Workbook and Excel file.




      Diego Jaramillo


      Table Excel.PNG