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    Data Structure - Table calculation + sum from other datasource

    Pete Willis

      Hi There


      I'm trying to work out the best way to structure data within Tableau using a combination of Excel, a datasource Tableau prep and Tableau Workbook.


      Screenshot 2019-01-30 at 16.08.31.png


      The goal is as per the spreadsheet:


      1 Using the revenue figure from section 2 and the calculation table in section 1 create the calculation for the rebate
      2 Sum the Revenue and the Total Rebate amount from 1 and add it to section 3 (this would be displayed in a workbook)


      I've attached a workbook:


      Sheet 1 - table calculation with the rebate
      Sheet 2 - Revenue (per Quarter) that I want to show Rebate + Revenue.

      There are 2 datasources.

      1) The table calculation to work out the rebate (in the example I'm just using a calc for the revenue but want to use the 2nd datasource)

      2) the Revenue Datasource which I want to add the rebate calc


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