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    Tableau embedded in Office-Word / I can't print the content


      Hi all,

      I really need your help on this.


      I have my Tableau workbook embedded in Office-Word using a web browser object. Just to share my code (vba behind word-macro) to do that here it is:

      WebBrowser1.Navigate ("http://tableaudev.com/views/xxxxxx?:embed=yes&:toolbar=no&:showShareOptions=false")

      So I have text, my object and then text again (figure on the left). Everything looks good. I was able to open Tableau in there however when I try to print it as pdf o as the regular process on a printer, the Tableau's workbook disappears. I keep text, blank space, text (figure on the right)




      Is there anybody who knows how to avoid this issue so I will be able to keep the content of Tableau (content of web browser) on the printed version?