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    Top 10 Id 's Start Date and End Date values by using Range dates filter

    naresh kumar

      Hi All,

      I facing an issue with the below requirement,

      I want to display measure values for Top 10 Id 's by ABS variance and has to apply the Range dates filter same time as you can see below,



      So here, If I select 01-12-2013 then  I want to profit only on 01-12-2013 and If I select 31-12-2013 then  I want to Shipping only on 31-12-2013  in between Unit Price and Quantity  for all the selecting period i.e., from 01-12-2013 to 31-12-2013.

      I have created the Calculated measures by using  {Min(Order date}) and {Max(Order date}), but its not working as I expected, Can you guys help me on this.

      Please find the link below  for workbook,

      Tableau Public

      Lei Chen