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    Tableau Server: "Integrated Authentication failed" error. Please help!


      Edit to add the answer that worked for me -- For some reason, you need to publish the workbook with the credentials embedded. I'd been publishing the workbook, then in Tableau Server, editing the workbook and then entering / embedding the credentials. It only works if you publish the workbook with credentials embedded from the start.


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      I'm new to Tableau, so this might be something super easy, in which case, my apologies but thank you for your help.


      I have a Tableau Desktop workbook, which connects to a MS SQL server for a data source. It totally works.


      Importantly, the database uses SQL Server Authentication, not Windows authentication. Just as importantly, my company doesn't own the database - we partner with a 3rd party vendor. The only thing I have is the credentials to the server and the database name. I cannot change anything about it.


      So, it works in Tableau Desktop, but when I publish my workbook to Tableau Server, I get the error

      Unable to connect to Data Source:

      [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Integrated authentication.

      Integrated authentication failed.


      I found this KB article, but it only addresses Windows Authentication, as well as requires changes to be made on the server side.


      I have checked and the credentials are embedded. I have asked the 3rd party vendor to whitelist Tableau's IP address, which they have done.


      What steps should I take? Is SQL server authentication just not possible on Tableau Server?