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    Interactiv filter



      please i need your help to understand what happen with my dashboard. I have 4 data source we are not connected and who are not in the same level. But they have  a commun variable who is the number of store.



      Where is my problem?

      i have 2 parameters :

      one to make the TOP/FLOP  by store



      and another to select the store.

      so i would like to use these 2 parameters for all my data source BUT, when i make the top flop by store in my dashboard 1 with the data source who is  the level of store , and the top/flop by store in another dashboard with the data source who's the level on market,

      my graphics disappear to my first dashboard. Someaone can help me please?



      To my second dashboard, i would like to have my  top market per store.