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    How to use action filter to filter the route and reverse route in target sheet?

    Ayub Keshtmand

      Attached sample twbx workbook. Using Tableau Desktop 2018.3


      In Dashboard 1 I want to be able to click on a route in Sheet 1 and have Sheet 2 display the route and reverse route.

      E.g. I click Aberdeen - Kirkwall in Sheet 1 and would like both Abderdeen - Kirkwall and Kirkwall - Abderdeen routes to display in Sheet 2 with their Bookings.


      Tried the following:

      * Create a calculated field called "Route Reversed" but couldn't figure out how to use this to filter the Route in Sheet 2

      * Use a full outer join but connecting the data source to itself with left side having routes and right side having the reversed route but numbers don't match up correctly (i.e. after joining a route with supposed X amount of bookings now has Y) - don't know if this is still a feasible solution?

      * Create another sheet (formerly Sheet 3) and have Sheet 1 somehow action filter it's route to Sheet 2 and then the reverse in Sheet 3 - again, issue is somehow getting the reversed route and it's bookings in


      Any help would be much appreciated.