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    Help to calculate average # publications per average headcount by year

    Kamin Au



      Would appreciate help on this confusing calculation.


      I have 2 tabs of excel data, 1 tab is for headcount which is point in time by month, and 1 tab is report publications by date. See image below for the basic stats. What I am looking to do is calculate total reports published in a year (e.g 122) divided by average employees for that year (e.g 219.25) to get the average number of reports published per headcount (i.e . 0.56 reports published per headcount for year 2016).


      The ultimate aim is to assess efficiency by year and to see if on average employees are becoming more or less productive over the last few years. Also looking to eventually do breakdowns by month and quarter as well.


      The tricky part: can this be done WITHOUT creating a join which will cripple my Tableau dashboards with over 10 billion records (it is currently very slow


      Thank you!