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    Multiple Tableau Work sheets

    Mohd Faraz

      Hello Guys ,


      Need some help ,Its been quite a while i have not been able to open two working workbooks of tableau . The First file opened would only work whereas any other file after the first would open but would give the Sign of --  "Worksheet Unavailable"-- " Problem Connecting to the Data Source " ,This happens to any tableau workbook i open after the first one . As i close the first one and reopen the other file it would open up ... Thats strange . Did anyone come across such an issue

      Please advise would be really helpful .


      Thanks in advance

      Best Regards,

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          Jeff D

          HI Mohd, is it possible they're both using the same file?  If you're using extracts, check the Extract properties to check the filename.  If you're running live, look at the Connection properties (assuming you're using a file-based connection).

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            Mohd Faraz

            Hi Jeff ,  yes it is a file based connection which I am using . I am running live .. earlier the files use to open .. even though if it is an other file or same file based .. it is not working .. is it possible because I have all the tableau version installed in my system since Tableau 9 ?


            I would like to open multiple workbooks with the same file .. earlier it was possible .. is it not possible with the recent updates ?

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              Jeff D

              Hi Mohd, I created two workbooks using the same (very simple) excel file and I can open both the workbooks at the same time (using Tableau 2018.3.2).  Are you doing something different than this?  Try reproducing this experiment.  If you have the same problem, attach the two workbooks.