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    Dynamic Values in Labels(ref line)

    Prashanth M V

      Hi Everyone,


      I have concern in displaying Totals in dynamic numbers under reference line for each bar. Here is the scenario.


      I have 1 measure in INT format and other one in STR format.


      Requirement is to show numbers in K, M, B formats. I have done a workaround to convert these measures to string and able to display the same in tool tips whereas I am unable to show the totals of that bar in dynamic number format (like in K, M , B). I am adding a reference line with per cell and able to see only the INT measure in the value drop down but not the string ones


      Any help is highly appreciated. Attached Pic shows each cell in the bar with dynamic number representation but the total value of the same I have formatted in K display.


      Solution required: I would like to display the final numbers of each bar in dynamic format (like K, M, B)