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    Filter Summary Worksheet

    Jonathan May

      I'm building a dashboard with some basic summary numbers with a handful of filters applied to all. I want to have a list of filter selections on the dashboard so if the user prints or downloads the view in pdf, they will be able see all of their selections.


      Here are my requirements:

      • The filters need to be contingent on each other. For example if someone selects a state, then only the cities and zip codes in that state are available as options in the city filter.
        • I'm assuming I do this by selecting "only relevant values" in the filter options, but since I haven't been able to get the other requirements to work, I'm not actually sure if this is correct.
      • If the user does not select a filter, I want the value for that category to return; "All". For example, if someone selects a state, but does not select a specific city/cities within the state, then I want the city and zip code values to return "All"
      • If the user selects more than 10 options under any filter, then I want the value for that category to return the first 10 values followed by "...and __ more"


      I saw Ken Flerlage answer a similar question using dashboard titles (Show summary of all Filter selections ), but I think that has to be ruled out given my third requirement.


      I've attached what I hope is a SuperSample dashboard that I can mimic on my own data.


      Any help provided will be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you!