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    Automatic Refresh Of Data On Server From Excel

    David Carrero

      Hello Community,


      So I'm working on a data visualization that requires refreshed data from an excel.  I have uploaded the data and the workbook into the tableau server using an extract. My idea is to make changes on the excel and have it automatically update. I have followed an automatic refresh forum that uses java script API but this seems to work only after I click refresh from the desktop first. Here is the link to the resource I used: https://tableautinkering.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/tinkering-with-data-refresh-auto-refresh/


      This method creates an HTML page of the graph from the tableau server.










      Just to clarify I have to refresh the extract first on the desktop before it shows it on the server. I have tried the scheduled refreshes but it doesn't update.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Prasanna R

          Hi David,


          You might want to try placing your excel file in the cloud because Tableau can now connect to Box, Dropbox, Google Sheets, One Drive. This way you give Tableau access to the file in the connection that you choose and it can retrieve the data from the file directly without you having to open it in the desktop every time there is an update. All you have to do is set a schedule for the refresh just after an update on the file happens.


          The other way that you could do this (which I did before Tableau could connect to Box) is to place the excel file in a company shared network path. The important point to note here is that you would need to give the complete path in the File name box when you connect to the data source as shown below.

          Once your dashboard is completely built, you can go ahead and publish the dashboard on to your tableau server. If this is an extract connection, then you can go ahead and add refresh schedule for the data source as per your requirements. If it is a live connection, please note that while you publish uncheck "Include external files", you will see that the data will be connected live and refreshes as expected.


          Note: Tableau cannot read password protected excel files, so you should not have them protected when using as a data source.


          The technical help that you might need from your IT team is to get access for your Tableau server access to your file, so you should request access for Tableau to the location where the file is saved.


          Best Regards



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            Prasanna R

            Hi David Carrero


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            Thank you.


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