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    LOD expression

    Megha Bhatnagar


      I have a table with the following columns

      step  -- step name

      rec_eff_dt -- effective date for that step

      row count     count of rows for a particular date

      rec_perso_create_dt --- date this record was populated in the table

      expected lag -- number of days lag set for every step


      Calculated fields:- Valid date (if rec_eff_dt <= today() then 1 else 0)

      expected max effective date -- (today()-expected lag)


      I am building a report in which I am laying together

      step     expected lag         Expected max lag date       rec_create_dt

      and for each of these I am getting the max(rec_eff_dt)

      I need to group by step,rdl_perso_create_dt, valid date  and get the max rec_eff_dt for this combination.

      I created an LOD for this and it work fine. All the correct date are populated.


      What I am struggling with is a new field Critical, which check if Expected max lag date is <= Max rec_eff_dt for Date for todays' date

      I am unable to create a LOD for max rec_eff_dt for Todays Date.

      I tried the following but it gives me two dates

      { FIXED [step,[Valid date],[Rdl Perso Create Dt] = TODAY():MAX([Max rec_eff_dt for Date])}


      I am trying to replicate this in Tableau. Attaching a mock workbook