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    brandon wakil


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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Brandon

          I took a look at your book - If I understand this correctly you are tasked with changing the Geographic territories and then seeing the sales by company in each territory


          You won't be using filters - you will want to create sets (and I hope you are on 2018.3) and set actions to change the sets


          I don't fully understand the way you are grouping state so I am attaching something I used in a presentation on set actions


          I think this is similar you can select by state and see the totals (in my case YOY total change - also can select segment and change all vlaues



          If this is close let me know



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            brandon wakil

            Hey Jim,


            Thank you for providing the example you did. That functionality is what I am looking for with my dashboard. Is creating sets something that would require me to make changes in the source data? Also, would a dashboard like you provided change with the addition of individual locations on the map? I imagine I would just need to create Viz's that show the metrics I'd want.





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              Jim Dehner

              OK lets break down the questions

              1 - the sets are created in tableau so No I don't think it will mess with the data source but it is not clear to me what the sets represent

              2 - additional locations on the Map - help me understand how that would be - --- would not the sets be at the state level?

              3 - as far as the metrics are concerned - probably (pretty certain ) that LOD that tie company and state together will be needed


              Now a couple of questions - if you opened my book and played with it then you are on 2018.3  is that correct?

              second - what is your level of experience with sets and LOD's



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                brandon wakil

                My experience with Tableau is extremely basic. This is the only project I've ever needed to use the tool for, and I've just used online resources to get this far. Have no experience with sets or LOD's.  If there is a resource you recommend I will definitely check it out. If you could provide a brief explanation of what a set is, that would be greatly appreciated, and might help me speak to the project better.


                Yes, I was able to open and use your file.


                Regarding additional location: If you still have access to my file. On my map I have individual branches plotted. We could think of them as stores for ease of discussion. The purpose of the map is so we can create new sales territories because of a recent merger. So I need to be able to see individual branch detail(what I currently have in the tool tip  when you hover over a location) as well as rolled up metrics for an entire state( right now I have those in the tool tip of one axis on my map so that when I pan over a state I see the total revenue).


                Thanks for all the assistance!



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                  Jim Dehner


                  you were able to open my file

                  Please understand - I think we can point you in a direction to get the results you want - at the same time you are the expert in you business - the dimensions in your book do not reference what is in the post

                  I see states, Regions, companies and on the map you have rev, avg gm% ( which is probably incorrect) census -


                  Need an explanation - What actions do you see the uset doing to "Create new Sales Territories"???  e.g moving states from one Region to another, some customers but not other customers in some states etc


                  don't need to understand the business just the vizz mechanics

                  BTW if these numbers are company sensitive - I suggest you take the post down you can contact me directly at marketanalyticsllc@gmail.com or use dummy data