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    Filter selection not displaying


      Thank you for your help in advance!


      I have 3 filters (See below), they are dependent on each other using cascading filtering (First filter is a Context, last filter uses "Only Relevant Values"). Once I select one option on my first filter (Region) the selection stays, in the case below the region I selected is AF= Africa. Then, on my second filter I selected a country = Benin, and the selection is displayed in the filter. But on my third filter, once I select a Post, the selection automatically displays "All" instead of the selection I made.


      Does anyone know how to display the selection that I made on the third filter? It needs to show my selection, not "All"


      PS: I understand that the third filter is dependent on the two filters above, and the only selection available is equal to just one choice in the filter, and thus "All" is displayed, but my filter still needs to display the selection made by the end-user instead of "All", because for the end-user, it implies that All has been selected, instead of only the choice they want. I hope this makes sense. 


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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

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