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    Showing Data Weekly based on Parameter Selection

    Rajesh Agarwal

      Hi All,


      I have to date dimension based on parameter selection like Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly.

      For this I have created a Parameter with all values and tied up parameter with a calculation like


      CASE [Period]

      WHEN 'Yearly' THEN [Order Date (Year)]

      WHEN 'Quarterly' THEN [Order Date (Quarter)]

      WHEN  'Monthly' THEN [Order Date (Month)]

      WHEN  'Weekly' THEN [Order Date (Week)]



      Out Fiscal Year start from July and week starts on Satuday. I have changed date properties at data source level to make July as start of the year and Saturday as week start day.


      Year, Quarter, Month is working fine but week is giving absurd result.


      One more thing, Month is giving full name of the month. I am not able to make it short like 'November' to 'Nov' to save some space in viz.


      Sample workbook based on Sample Superstore data is attached herewith.


      Your help is required.


      Thanking you in advance.