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    Table Calculations with Rounded Values

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy All!


      I am in a bind where I cannot get my numbers to match one another. I know the reason why, but I cannot figure out a solution and hoping the community may have some clues.

      Attached is a superstore dummy workbook V.2018.3.


      In the following snippet, you see the total quantity and total quantity across america numbers do not match:


      The reason is because I have a field that rounds up, and the Total Quantity accounts down to the individual states level. Some of these individual states round up before they are summed together.

      The bottom Quantity across America! number does not factor in states that happened to round up.


      I have tried various table calculations, adding in detail fields, and LoD calcs but cannot figure out how to make the bottom graph account for states without messing up the bare visual.


      Would anyone have any idea's by chance?


      Thanks so much!