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    Subscription E-Mail Titles

    John Nguyen



      Can you make the subscription titles from the e-mails that Tableau sends out dynamic?


      I was looking to add the date the e-mail is sent to the title of the Tableau e-mail.


      Thanks for your help in advance.



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          Prasanna R

          Hi John,


          The simple answer is you cannot add any dynamic value to the Subject of a subscription.


          As you see the Subject can only accept text input which is then passed on to the text input of the subject line of your mail client.


          What you can do instead is create a top section of the dashboard which looks like a header where you can create calculation for today's date. So whenever the subscription mail is sent the image that is shown in the body will have the date and any other important info displayed on the top.






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            John Nguyen

            Ok, thank you for your response!