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    Multi-Answer Visualization Issue

    Jennifer Brown



      I'm posting because I'm having issues with correctly visualizing a graphic my company normally creates for multi-answer survey questions in Tableau 2018.3.  I've shown an example of the questions we're having issues with below.


      • What is (are) your primary method(s) of commuting to campus? (Check all that apply)
        • Walk
        • Bike
        • Drive
        • Public bus
        • University shuttle
        • Other


      I've attached two packaged workbooks.  One, titled "Univ Multi-Answer Question 1", is from a previous project where the visualization looks the way we would like it to.  The other, titled "Univ Multi-Answer Question 2", is from our current project, where we have not yet been able to visualize the data correctly.  We think the issue is pretty clear in the CTAB page of each workbook.  In "1," the "Number of Records" is, correctly, the number of people who responded to that specific line item in the multi-answer question.  That number is then divided by the total number of respondents to the survey.  However, in "2", the "Number of Records" is 5 (the total number of respondents to the whole survey - the survey is in test mode, so staff took the survey a few times internally, which is why the data set is so small).  "Number of Records" should be "0" for all answers except "UVM CATS Shuttle", for which the answer should be "1".  We've also attached an Excel file that sourced Tableau Prep, titled "99 UPDATED Surv UGrad Numbers Labels Helper Data (For Tableau Review)", that we used to create the visualization in "2".


      Recently we've been attempting to transition to using Tableau Prep to clean and combine data to create visualizations.  This is the first time we've used Tableau Prep for combining a question helper file, survey data values, and survey data text to create a Tableau survey analysis document, which may be contributing to the issue (we're not sure).  We would appreciate any help anyone could provide us!


      Thank you in advance!