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    Customizing Text Tables in Tableau

    Christtian Elejalde



      I've formatted the input data to have a row per P&L item.



      DepartmentCost GroupCost TypeCategoryTitleScenarioTotal
      MarketingBaseline CostPersonnelnullManagernull85000
      MarketingBaseline CostPersonnelnullAnalystnull60000
      MarketingBaseline CostNon-PersonnelTrade Showsnullnull12000
      MarketingBaseline CostNon-PersonnelAdvertisementnullnull6000


      Then created a summary view that recreates what a P&L looks like, see attached image (couldn't embed it for some reason).


      When I add Total to the Text Mark I get my P&L looking table.


      My questions,


      1. Can I add my own Columns in the Table View, e.g. Average Adjustment Personnel, for marketing 12000

      2. Can I add a Calculated column, e.g. Baseline Cost Personnel - Average Adjustment Personnel, for marketing  133,000 | From my summary view, 145,000 for Marketing Personnel Baseline Cost minus the Marketing Adjustment Personnel.


      Thanks in advance for any advice.


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          Tim Dines

          If you are able to calculated the values needed to populate the fields you want to create then you may be able to add them to the P&L.  If you need those fields to be present in the database, then no you cannot.  Tableau is a reader of data and will not write those values back to the database.  But as I first stated, if you are able to calculate the values from the data that you already have, then it can be presented in a new column.  You will have to keep in mind where things are being aggregated or you may have some odd numbers.  If you could share your file here, remove the name of the company, then there are plenty of people here that can help.