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    Create Aliases Calculated from Two Columns

    Melissa Bialek

      Hello! I tried looking this up through google but haven't found anything to help fix my problem.


      I have a data value that I wish to split into two different aliases depending on the value of the column next to it. I need one alias to be "Non Affiliated" and apply only to POS Closed Loop data with a Merchant Category of "Null".


      The original value for the Merchant Category is "Null". Right clicking and choosing "Split" to try and split the data doesn't work. I have been successful with creating a calculated field with a formula to make one part of the "Null" data into the alias "Other2" so it can then be summed up with an existing "Other" value as expected. However, creating a second alias - "Non Affiliated" - to refer to POS Closed Loop transactions with a "Null" Merchant Category hasn't worked.


      Here is an example of my data:




      Here is an example of what I created to handle the Other + Other 2 portion.



      I tried adding an ELSEIF statement like:

      ELSEIF [Merchant Category Description]='Null' AND [Transaction Type]='POS Closed Loop' THEN 'Non Affiliated'


      But it did not work.


      Any and all help would be very appreciated. Thank you!