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    How to get


      I want to take only one parameter namely - Date (format, mm/dd/yyyy) from the user and based on that I want to find YTD, MTD, PYMTD, YOY% change, First Half MTD - H1 nos. and Full Fiscal Year nos. and show it to the user in the form of a table (AS ATTACHED sample chart format i am trying to build)


      I have 3-5 years of sales data and my fiscal year starts from April to March. Please help me get the YTD||MTD||PYMTD||H1||Full Fiscal year nos. by the fiscal year April to March


      I have created a fiscal year start filter and am able to get the calculated nos. for Fiscal year Jan-to-Dec but i need to populate them for Fiscal Apr-to-Mar. My end filter isn't working properly - I am taking the parameter date in this end filter. Please help.




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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Anshul


          Have you tried this for your FY?



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            ANSHUL JAIN

            Yep, I did that ZZ!


            I want to build a table of all the columns mentioned and using just one user parameter. I want to give the user to input only one date in mm/dd/yyyy format and my datasource has date and country mappings using which i want to construct a fiscal summary table. It should be a table full of calculations and not by default tableau options.


            Please help.

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              Zhouyi Zhang

              Hi, Anshul


              This is the calculation for FY, you can use this in your FYTD calculation



              Previous FY should be very similar, but just year -1


              Hope this makes sense.



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                ANSHUL JAIN

                Hi ZZ,


                This helps and i already did this. But - my objective here is a bit different.


                How do i calculate H1 and Fiscal year nos. if my fiscal year start is April to March.


                Suppose i have 5 years data and I want one input thru parameter from my user as a date in mm/dd/yyyy format. And basis this input, how do i calculate my H1 and Fiscal year nos. If user passes a parameter as say 06/01/2018 - He should get a table with:


                1. YTD nos. of June'18

                2. MTD nos. till June'18 - i.e. from April'18 to June'18

                3. PYMTD nos till June'17 - i.e. from April'17 to June'17

                4. H1 nos of year(Parameter_Date) i.e. April'18 to Sept'18

                5. Full fiscal year(Parameter_Date) - i.e. April'18 to Mar'19 nos.


                POlease help