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    Graph showing average of ratio

    Virginie Behr

      Hi experts,


      I'm really new at Tableau, so sorry if my questions are really really basic...

      I get an excel with store in rows (each related to a district) and months in columns


      I need to produce a graph showing for each district (selectable by a user in a drop down list) the stores and the average of the district (the measure being a ratio it should be then a calc and not an average of the stores %)



      I have no idea how to start with, mainly:

      - should I pivot my months in rows to use my data in Tableau? I guess yes, by selecting every column with month and 'pivot'? Then is there a quick way to re-arrange the months not in alphabetical order but Jan, Feb, etc...?

      - how do I display on the same graph every store (most granular level) and the district average (considering that my dataset only contains information at store level and a column with district information)?


      A big thank you for your help, the newbie I am will keep your answers preciously