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    How to change linking order on line graph?

    Pierre Halpern



      I am fairly new at Tableau and am currently having trouble setting the order in which data points are linked on a line graph.


      My dataset contains only three columns: Customer, Step and Date. I would like to make a line graph of Steps vs Date, with Steps on the vertical axis and Date on the horizontal axis, and one line for each customer. The aim is to show the path of each customer through time. My date field is a continuous dimension (Exact Date) and the Steps are a dimension too.


      When I plot Step vs Date, Tableau automatically sets the view to a Gantt chart. I then Select 'Line' from the drop-down menu in the Marks card, but instead of linking data points in a chronological order, Tableau automatically links all the points with the same Step together first for each customers.


      The result is a graph with several horizontal lines linked together by a few diagonal lines:



      I have never had this issue when plotting line graphs with a dimension and a Measure. Is there any way at all to specify the primary field and tell Tableau in which way to draw the lines on the graph in order to get a chronological line chart?


      Thanks in advance for your advice!