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    Frustrated with calculated field

    rai ahmad

      Every time I select a calculated field function using Tab, Tableau replaces the current function with the new one. Let me explain what I mean exactly:


      Let's say I am fixing up a string entity and I type following functions in the calculated field window:

      MID([String],FIND([String]," "))

      Assume I now want to trim this entity. To do so I type TRIM before MID. Now Tableau would replace MID with TRIM which is not I want. I just want to add an additional function. I find it extremely frustrating, I am sure I am not the only one.


      Does anyone know if it’s possible to disable this over-writing feature?

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          Jim Dehner

          I feel your pain - I have made a habit of putting a few spaces in between what I am adding and the calculations that was there


          Annoying yes but easily overcome



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            rai ahmad

            Thank you for your reply!


            Unfortunately, like many other things in Tableau, this also requires a workaround  .


            TBH I am getting a little tired of having to deploy workarounds arrrhhhhh.