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    How to login to a Tableau server website using Powershell?

    Alex Maydaun

      I'm trying to use simple script to autologon to our Tableau Server website:


      $ie = New-Object -ComObject 'internetExplorer.Application'

      $ie.Visible= $true





      While ($ie.Busy -eq $true) {Start-Sleep -Seconds 3;}


      $usernamefield = $ie.Document.documentElement.getElementsByClassName("tb-text-box-input") | ?{$_.name -eq 'username'}

      $usernamefield.value = "$username"


      $passwordfield = $ie.Document.documentElement.getElementsByClassName("tb-text-box-input") | ?{$_.name -eq 'password'}

      $passwordfield.value = "$password"


      $button = $ie.Document.documentElement.getElementsByClassName("tb-orange-button") | ?{$_.type -eq 'submit'}



      But webpage still telling me to enter username.




      How can I pass values to input fileds using right method?