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    Logarithmic Axis and Filter Error workaround

    Emma Lock

      Hi all,


      I seem to be stuck. I have been in contact with Tableau Support but I was hoping that the community had some answers that could help me work around the problem.


      I have a bargraph that displays my data on a logarithmic scale. I have chosen to do it this way as the are more larger values than the smaller values, and so not using it renders a graph that is pretty useless (see below). The problem is that for some reason, the logarithmic axis causes an error when using filters on the graph. This happens when you click the 'All' button on a filter to deselect all the options or when you simply deselect all the options on the filter (see below). Support has logged the error to take a look at as the error can be reproduced with dummy data. But in the meantime, I desperately need to find a solution.


      Does anyone know how I can work around this? Perhaps someone knows an alternative way of displaying the graph that has a similar result to the logarithmic scale.


      You can see the picture of the graph below in logarithmic form:

      This is what it looks like when it is not on a normal scale. I cannot use it like this:

      The error that appears when deselecting 'All' on the filters:


      Thank you!