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    Fix scale values on a parallael coordinate plot

    Andre Granville

      Hi All,


      I have configured a parallel coordinate plot on tableau, following the instructions from Joe Mako's post at http://drawingwithnumbers.artisart.org/parallel-coordinates-via-pivot-and-level-of-detail-expressions/



      So far so good.  But when it comes to filter the plot series in a dashboard that I have created, the min and max scale values of the vertical axis are dynamically computed

      according the current filter selection. The following printscreens depicts this behavior:


      First printscreen without any filter being applied, showing the min value for axis New Mw at 5



      After applying a filter to the New MW dimension, the min value for the associated axis changes according to the current set of series that remained after applying the filter: Plot-with-filter-applied.png


      The min,max values of each vertical axis of the parallel plot was defined by a calculated field, created using the following formula:


      ([Value] - {EXCLUDE [ID] : MIN([Value])})/

              ({EXCLUDE [ID] : MAX([Value])} - {EXCLUDE [ID] : MIN([Value])})




      Is there a way of fixing the min,max scale values of each vertical axis?


      I´m also attaching my workbook.


      I would appreciate very much any help on this. Best, André

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          Ken Flerlage

          Not entirely sure I'm following you, but generally speaking, the trick to maintaining a static axis is either 1) Fix them to specific values manually or 2) Create a calculated field, typically using an LOD, to get the max and min values, then create invisible reference lines on those values. Then, no matter what you filter on, the reference line will prevent the axis from changing dynamically.