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    Creating Dynamic Start and end date for date axis

    Anthony Teng

      Hi I have a sample data set


      Id             Individual Completion Date     Parent_ID              Parent_start_date                Parent_end_date

      11            2014-07-23                               33                            2014-05-01                         2014-12-25

      22            2014-06-23                               33                            2014-05-01                         2014-12-25




      where it list a workorder id, workorder completition date, it's parent workorder start and completion date.


      I would like to get a monthly count of the number of workorder's completed under each specific parent workorder. Specifically, the Y-axis would represent the number of workorders completed and the X-axis would represent each month.


      I have added in the parameters for each Parent_ID, however, how would we be able to dynamically set the range of the date axis to be based on the two attributes Parent_start_date and Parent_end_date?



      Thank you!