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    Divergent lollipops/dumbbells for survey data

    Eyram Adjogatse

      Hi all,



      Does anyone know how to create divergent lollipop/dumbbell charts using data from survey questions requiring Yes/No (or Yes/No/Don't Know) answers?


      I have been searching everywhere for step by step instructions on how to create divergent lollipop charts, as shown by Steve Wexler in the image below.  I can't seem to find instructions.




      I note that in this presentation in the Tableau 2016 conference (see 35:00-38:00), the presenter seems to have combined two dual axis charts into one.  I cannot figure out how to do this, but my problems would be solved if I could figure this out.  My sheet currently looks like this:



      Note that a simple dumbbell chart is quite easy to create.  But I need them to be centered around a neutral point (with No's having a negative value and Yeses having a positive value.


      Does anyone know how to do this?


      Many thanks