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    How to set user filter?


      Hello community,


      Here is the problem: I'm in charge of one site on server.


      Now I want user A to see


      1️⃣ category 1 related data (like sales, profit) 

      2️⃣ see the (sales, profit ) percent of cate 1 of total category


      For example, sales of category 1 is 20K and percent of total is 25% in 1st Jan.

      (percent is calculated by FIXED)


      I've tried two ways


      1️⃣ set user filter in datasource level but the sales percent is 100%, as user can only achieve cate 1 data

      2️⃣ set user filter in the viz in the filter, however the result is the same as 1️⃣


      Can anybody help? If anything unclear please specify.


      Thank in advance