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    Please help me with this question?

    Abhishek Sama

      In 2012, what is the percent contribution of sales for Decaf in the East market? (Perform all the questions in Tableau 9.0 and connect to the Saved Sample-Superstore dataset)?

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          Chris McClellan

          Is this for a job interview or assignment ?


          I really don't like answering questions like this because it feels like someone is testing your Tableau skills (pretty basic skills) and NOT your ability to post on a forum and get the answer.


          The question is pretty simple, learn how to use Tableau and the result will be quiet simple.


          If you know SQL or use Access (from the mdb file) or use Excel, you can always validate your Tableau result using those tools.

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            Abhishek Sama

            I understand your feelings. But the question as it seems is not easy at;east for me as I am just a beginner. There is a need to join the two tables and I have tried doing it. But still I have not got the right answer.

            Yeah, maybe your are very skilled in this area and you might not be at the same level as mine in some other area.

            This forum is for people like us and for many others. If you could please help me. I would appreciate it.


            Thanks in advance.

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              Toby Erkson

              I have to agree with Chris, this reads exactly like a homework assignment*.  Two reasons why this raises a red flag for those of us who've spent a lot of time here in the forums:

              1.  Tableau Desktop 9.0 is no longer supported so it doesn't make sense why a question would ask that the answer be given for a specific version that is so old.  It's such a simple question that any version could be used.

              2.  Also, you didn't include a packaged workbook as is mentioned a few times in the the Getting Started in the Forums  required reading material

              A packaged workbook not only helps us specifically tune our answer to the specific question, it often shows us if one has actually tried doing the problem themselves, which is something we encourage and really appreciate.


              If you are looking specifically at how to do this then I recommend installing Tableau Desktop on your computer and actually working with it.  Watch the various free videos and read the documentation and just play with it.  I'm pretty sure you'll be building vizes in no time at all



              *BTW, the answer is on that page

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                Jonathan Drummey

                Hi Abishek,


                Yes, we've all been (or are) beginners, and please know that those of us who are answering questions (like Toby & Chris) are also volunteers. So we're sensitive to posts that seem like someone is asking us to do their work for them, which is why Toby and Chris responded the way they did.


                You say you've tried doing the join yourself, but your post just had the data and the question you are trying to answer. You can help us help you by sharing a Tableau packaged workbook with your work so far, and perhaps some extra explanation of what  you've tried to do and what worked & what didn't.



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                  Abhishek Sama

                  Sorry guys!

                  Yup, got it .