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    Disable certain filters based on Parameter selected

    Dan Gomes

      I have a situation where I need to disable certain filters based on Parameter selected. Let me explain.

      For sake of simplicity, I have a date field, four dimensions of State, Event, Promo, APM and one Measure of Transaction.

      On the worksheet I have a Period Parameter and calculated field that selects the Period of Week or Month. You will see them on the top container.


      I have a parameter that has all the four dimensions.

      I have a calculated field that selects the rows based on the parameter selected. These are on the second container.

      On the Dashboard I have the worksheet with four respective filters for the four dimensions.


      So here is where I need the help.

      When the user selects a dimension say State, only the State filter should show up the other 3 filters should either disappear or be disabled.

      The Disabled filters should be set to the ALL filter selection.