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    Correlation Matrix Between Two Different Dimensions

    Stephen Groff

      I've been working on figuring out the correlation matrix for a few hours now and something seems pretty clear to me... most tutorials will only show you how to compare 1 dimension with any measure.


      In my scenario I would like to compare 2 dimensions with one measure.


      Dimensions used:

      [Model Number]

      [Work Center]


      Measure used:

      [Number of Defects]


      I'm trying to find a correlation between the model number and where a defect occurs on the assembly line.


      i.e. When I'm building Model X which work centers are more likely to cause a defect?


      Defects are characterized (in my data) as event numbers.  There can be 100's of Events (defects) written on the assembly line each day.


      As shown within the tutorials I've watched, I add the same table twice in the data source and did an inner join on the [Event No] and ran through the calculation that each tutorial shows you... but this gets me no where.


      The tutorials all have the same dimensions (i.e. Model & Model1) on the X and Y axis.


      I need my Model numbers on the Y axis and my Work Centers on the X axis.  Then I need my Pearson Corr Calc to be added to the color card to show the correlations.


      Here's the calc per the tutorial:



      Does anyone have any ideas as to how to go about doing this?