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    Filter affecting Table Calculation

    Rahul Arora

      This is regarding Table Calculation + LOD + Filter (from secondary data soure)

      Problem statement is as below:

      I have to calculate sum of story points(work %age) for teams based on the solution filter. But I want to calculate story points based only on Team and not filtering story points based on Solution. In my current scenario one team may be linked to more than solution.

      Long story short:

      1. I select solution in filter(Coming from secondary data source)

      2. It populates teams as per that solution and then calculates story points for that Team in every solution.

      I have attached few screen shots for your reference:


      My problem is when I filter team based on solution it filters out the story point too. Instead it should just filter my teams and then sum story points for that team in all the solution.

      Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 5.55.46 PM.png


      Is there a way to do so?


      Haardik Sharma

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          Jim Dehner

          your screen shot link is broken but table calculations take place after all filtering - they are on the bottom of the order of operation

          Image result for tableau order of operations


          Can't see what your are going or your data structure and sources but if you must use a table calculation you won't be able to get around the filtering issue

          there are some table calcs that can be reproduced with LODs - if that is possible you would not have a filtering issue

          Post you twbx so we can see what is going on



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            Rahul Arora

            Hi Jim,


            Thanks for your reply. But I can't post twbx since the data is confidential. Below is the screenshot again for your reference.


            In this my Solution is coming from secondary database. When I choose some solution it filters team(which is in primary database) according to that solution. Till here  I am fine. But it also filters the story points based on the combination of Solution + Team.


            In my case I want to see sum of story points for that team and this team can belong to multiple solutions so it should show story points based only on Team.


            Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 5.55.46 PM.png