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    Interpreting 'Other' event in Performance Recording

    Pamela Chandra

      Hi ,


      I ran a performance recording for a low performing dashboard and I see 90% of the time taken up by the Event Group = Other. The dashboard is live connected to Teradata and using a custom sql in data source . Attached is the performance recording workbook. Request some help in understanding these events and thereby ways these can be minimized. Across all performance recording I have noticed this 'other' category taking up 90% of the total elapsed time (load time).


      Event Event Name Sum of Elapsed Time

      Other add_cached_abstract_query 0.075740677

      Other add_cached_query 0.006140861

      Other aqc_key_serialize 0.025954144

      Other DecodeTask_ReadTuples 0.16548976

      Other DiskExternalCache::TryLoad 0.112337222

      Other DiskExternalCache::TryStore 48.307776441

      Other DOMParser_SetDOMFromXmlInputSource 0.088294799

      Other DOMParser_SetDOMFromXmlString 0.012321507

      Other ec-append 0.32340406

      Other ec-load 0.126085951

      Other ec-store 1.581223716

      Other execute_abstract_query 254.048580022

      Other FolderSweeper::Sweep 47.805345572

      Other GetNextChunk 10.318208391

      Other initResponse 10.250445628

      Other ProgressReporter 5.318467251

      Other query 158.839370336

      Other query_activity 158.839191066

      Other ReadMessage 0.035835964

      Other request 0.006590889

      Other response 0.023999767

      Other run_query 144.259618963

      Other table_from_tuple_source 0.019229927

      Other Task 216.915628731

      Other Task-tbb 216.913826964

      Other XercesXMLParser_DoXercesParse 0.054870616

      Other XercesXMLParser_PrepareParserState 0.008337689

      Other zlib-compress-data 0.001335735


      Thank you,

      Pamela Chandra