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    Year Over Year Rolling 12 Months Filter Calculation

    Candace Whaley

      Hello All,


      I have a Snapshot Date Parameter that displays an end of month snapshot date. I have filter calculations that will display either Current Year or Rolling 12 Month view of performance metrics for my organization based on the Snapshot Date Parameter.


      I want to be able to display CY Rolling 12 Months and PY Rolling 12 Months in the same visualization for year-over-year comparison. I was able to create the following filter calculation to get the CY Rolling 12 Months, but, again, I need assistance in creating a PY Rolling 12 Months and a YOY Rolling 12 Months Calculation.


      [Snapshot Date] > dateadd('month',-12,date([Snapshot Date Parameter])) and [Snapshot Date] <= date([Snapshot Date Parameter])


      Thanks in advance,