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    Returning the Minimum Time of a Filtered Date using an LOD Expression

    Shreyas Talamakki

      How would you set up the LOD expression if I want the minimum date-time of a particular day that's in the viz?


      I have set up my LOD currently right now like this { FIXED [Names] : MIN([Offset Action Date]) }

      but this is finding the all-time earliest date of the individual and if I change the FIXED to an INCLUDE, the minimum of each HOUR is getting returned, not for each day. How do I make sure that the minimum date of a filter that's applied to the viz is returned?







      Action Date

      First Transaction
      Ship1/24/2019 18:151/14/2019 6:38
      Ship1/24/2019 18:241/14/2019 6:38
      Ship1/24/2019 19:391/14/2019 6:38
      Ship1/24/2019 22:331/14/2019 6:38
      Ship1/24/2019 17:131/14/2019 6:38