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    Percent of Average Table Calculation Help

    Nicholas Reiff

      Hi Guys,


      I am having trouble creating a percent of average table calculation. I have 6 years worth of data (2013-2019) broken down into weekly figures for each year. I also have a annual average using a grand total column table calculation. The values are aggregates of measures as well. I am using sensitive data so I can only include a screenshot of what I'm working with:



      Circled are the annual averages and highlighted are the columns that represent a specific week of the year, with the corresponding average value for that week in the columns. What I would like to do is calculate what the percentage of any given week is relative to the annual average. For example, week 0101 during 2013 averages 3,058. The total average for 2013 is 3,452. I want to calculate 3,058/3,452 (week value over annual value). In this case the result would show that week 0101 of 2013 was 89% of the annual average.


      I can do this easily in excel, but would love to know how to set this up in tableau.