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    Tableau Desktop Data Engine Errors - Anyone experienced?

    Gene Denny

      Since upgrading to 2018.3.2 a week ago, I am no longer able to open more than one Tableau Desktop file at a time, which is quite maddening.  I've opened a case just this morning with our vendor (it'll end up with Tableau eventually, I'm sure) but I also wanted to check here.


      I've had a couple of different errors rendered, but each one indicates that there is a problem with the data engine.  This is not an access issue as closing the application and restarting it allows me to open any of the files I want, just not a second one.  Tableau Desktop Error.JPG


      I've also looked through the log files and am finding reference to Hyper Server:


      "Hyper Server did not start correctly:  exit code:  1 (0x1)".


      I have uninstalled all previous versions of Tableau Desktop and run an Installation Repair via the Windows Control Panel.  I was able to locate a support case referring to having the current Windows 10 Service Pack, but that too is up to date.


      Anyone seen or experienced this???  I'm assuming this is also why opening a Tableau file is so darn slow now, too.