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    Incorrect Sum Problem

    Luke Greiner

      Hi there, I have looked through the forums to no avail, I cannot figure out why the sum of my employment figures are off.


      Using the specific career pathway "production" within the manufacturing career cluster for "Minnesota" geography the employment total shows 272,850 jobs, but when you actually go to the occupation dash that shows all the occupations within the "production" career pathway, they only sum to 139,490 jobs.


      Why is my "career cluster" dash not correctly summing the "career pathway" totals?


      Help on this is incredibly appreciated, I am working to create a simple tool to help students learn about their local labor market.



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          Shinichiro Murakami

          To be honest, you are Blending data very complicatedly and this is way time consuming to analyze everything.

          I mean this is beyond forum effort.


          You may need start over to structure the data connection with knowing data blending is typically causes unexpected results.




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            Christina Davis

            Hi Luke,

            On your Occupation sheet you have a filter for Indcode = 000000, this filter is not on you Cluster sheet so your cluster is coming in with higher counts. If you apply the same filter to your cluster sheet your count for production drops down to 139,490.



            I hope this helps.




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              Jim Dehner

              Agree with Shin

              I took a look at the data and tried to Join the data based on the SOC code but was still not able to get back to the figures you sited - I did note in the data there were totals and subtotals that may be getting into the data also


              1 suggestion would be to pare down the data as much as possible (that is cleaning out what you will not need or use) before loading into tableau - Prep could be used for that purpose



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                Luke Greiner

                My apologies for the complicated dataset, I'm pulling it from a server and can't pare it down due to updates.


                Christina Davis did in fact find the error! Thank you so much Christina! That fixed the issue!


                THANK YOU!


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                  Christina Davis

                  I'm happy I could help Luke! If you wouldn't mind marking my response as correct I would greatly appreciate it.